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8 An Introduction to Dialectics

One of the great strengths of the liberal arts is that they recognise the inner person that, despite how much money, success or recognition we might have on the outside, will still have the most incredible potential for further growth. A potential that when… Continue Reading “8 An Introduction to Dialectics”

7 Sophia

Let me begin this talk with a simple reminder. And by doing so, get us all centred and focussed upon the wisdom of the real world. As we cast our eyes upon the incredible beauty of this world, as we feel the gentle breeze… Continue Reading “7 Sophia”

6 Reality Creation

In my last post, Tabula Rasa, I began with a reconsideration of our tremendous wisdom heritage. Occurring in three parts, which are the universal, planetary and human, I showed that, given the extent of that heritage, we clearly have no shortage of opportunities to… Continue Reading “6 Reality Creation”

5 Tabula Rasa

In my last post I discussed three levels of our natural wisdom heritage that a study of the liberal arts will lay bare. These are the universal, planetary and human levels. Let me now remind you of what these are. Our universal heritage is… Continue Reading “5 Tabula Rasa”

4 A Tremendous Heritage

In this fourth post I will be discussing some more of the fascinating and intriguing features that surround the study of the liberal arts. We will begin by considering two of the vital keys that a person will need in order to be able… Continue Reading “4 A Tremendous Heritage”

3 Awakening to a New Reality

In the first two posts I introduced the liberal arts and discussed various features connected with them. However, I have not yet discussed how a person might best begin their own study of the liberal arts. In this post, therefore, I will be considering… Continue Reading “3 Awakening to a New Reality”

2 The Light Of Self

In today’s society, there is a great interest in subjects such as personal development, self-improvement, self-actualisation, self-realisation, self-cultivation and many other similar sounding subjects, whose main focus is the exploration of the extraordinarily rich field of human potential. If you, yourself, have any interest… Continue Reading “2 The Light Of Self”

1 Introduction to the Liberal Arts

In the Vatican there is a spectacular fresco by Italian Renaissance artist, Raphael, called the School of Athens. Therein are portrayed some of the most notable and learned people of the ancient world. Imagine if we ourselves could receive an education on a par… Continue Reading “1 Introduction to the Liberal Arts”