If you would like to study privately with me, Dr Michael Hewitt, you can contact me using the form below.

compose-3519962_960_720Private study can be undertaken in a variety of different ways, which include Skype, telephone, email, etc. As well as being a tutor of the liberal arts, I have a great deal of experience as a music tutor.

If you would like tuition in musical composition please get in touch. I have been teaching this subject for years and have written best-selling books upon the subject.

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If you are a musician, composer or music producer and want to improve your musical harmony skills please contact me. The same applies to the study of counterpoint.

I am also an experienced teacher of electronic music production skills, using software such as Reason, Logic, Sonar, Sibelius, and Ableton Live. So if you need some  help and guidance producing music using software, again get in touch.

laptop-2558665_960_720I teach ABRSM Music Theory up to grade 8. Having prepared you, I can then get you through that tricky exam.

As a long term university and college tutor I also teach academic study skills such as essay writing, etc.

Whichever subjects interest you, contact me and we will discuss the best route for you.


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